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Edited 42

Edited 42

With Covid-19 restrictions, many veterans are being 

laid to rest without final military rites.  Once states start to reopen, there will be immense pressure

on honor guards to perform ceremonies.  Please 

help us, help them by donating today.

Operation Honor Guard's mission is to outfit all Honor Guards in the United States.


Members of the United States military commit to a life of service, dedication, and sacrifice. As citizens of the nation they so nobly defend, we support them while they serve and after they take their last breath. These heroes have earned the right to be buried with military honors.

Unfortunately, many Honor Guards lack the funds and resources necessary to properly say farewell to these men and women. Our mission is based upon 4 core principles:

  1. Provide Financial assistance to our Honor Guards.

  2. Heighten awareness of the commitment and sacrifice Honor Guard members make for our fallen veterans.

  3. Help recruit Honor Guard members.

  4. Educate our youth on the importance of Honor Guards and the value in final military honors to our fallen.

Your donation will ensure that we are able to to act on these principles so that we may uphold the tradition of the Honor Guard and final military honors at a fallen veteran's funeral.​

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"Thank you for the grant to help with outfitting our Honor Guard. We are a very small Post and this grant helps us greatly. We purchased 15 uniform shirts, 15 ties and 2 caps."

                                                              -American Legion 433 Sidney, IL

""The grant we received was spent for uniform shirts, pants and boots. We were very much in need of replacing these items."

                                                               -American Legion 527 Cissna Park, IL                                

"I would like to sincerely thank you for the monetary support that Operation Honor Guard has provided. A number of our honor guard members would be challenged to buy uniforms if the post could not supply them. We have uniform items that are not warm enough for winter graveside services and our uniforms do not match. Now, we are working on re-outfitting our honor guard and your support is allowing us to do this."

                                                                -American Legion 101 Monticello, IL

Are you or your veteran eligible for final military honors?

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