Grant Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that monies are utilized in a manner that falls upon the belief system of the Operation Honor Guard Board of Directors.  The guidelines are as follows:

1.  No monies may be utilized for purchase or consumption of alcoholic beverages.

2.  Monies are to be utilized on a yearly basis.  The intent of this grant is for the purchase of uniforms, equipment, or any accessories or supplies that are needed to outfit a proper Honor Guard detail.  Monies are not to be deposited into a checking or savings account for a period of longer than 12 months to accrue interest.

3.  Monies are to be utilized for the sole purpose of outfitting an Honor Guard detail and no monies shall be used for normal post operations such as power bills, insurance, or any other expense that are needed in normal post operations.

4.  If at any point your post becomes fully outfitted, we would ask that you please notify us as we will redirect monies to other posts that have greater needs. 

*It is required that you send us receipts of purchases made from your grants, so we can keep record of what donors monies are being utilized for.  Mail receipts to: Operation Honor Guard, 3901 N. Vermilion St. Danville, IL 61834.

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